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Test Partners

Test Partners specialise in testing web-based applications; from e-commerce, on-line banking and trading portals to e-learning, learning management systems and social networks.

Their expertise in system testing across the myriad of environments in use today, coupled with the efficiencies only a specialist can offer, makes them the first choice for companies looking to deliver a quality product within today's tightening budgets.

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Sense Proteomic

Sense Proteomic has developed a novel functional protein array technology which allows thousands of human proteins to be analysed in a single experiment.

Sense Proteomic's focus is on using technology to discover new biomarker panels to improve the clinical diagnosis of cancer and autoimmune diseases. They are carrying out this work both in-house and in collaboration with leading industrial and academic researchers. So far they have developed early tests for prostate cancer, lupus and non-small cell lung carcinoma that show high sensitivity and specificity.

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The Lamp Company

The Lamp Company is a leading supplier of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and specialist lamps in the UK.

Covering everything from the the smallest torch bulb or neon lamp, through everyday lighting requirements to lamps costing up to 3,000 each for use in TV studios, the company has a wealth of experience unrivalled in the industry.

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StudentMASH is an online community in which students can learn about university choice, swap experiences, win prizes and share files.

StudentMASH's unique IPTV broadband service enables you to view universities, as well as short films about student social life, course subjects and careers.

StudentMASH is here to help ease the transition into university life. Use it for advice, use it to meet friends, use it to share your thoughts!

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