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about net-guide

Whilst many search engines are easy to use for people with visual impairments, mobility issues, learning difficulties and other issues that impact on website useage, this is not necessarily true of the sites returned in the results. It is estimated that as many as 86% of websites present barriers to some or all of these user groups. Continually visiting websites that are not accessible can be a very frustrating experience.

net-guide is a search engine gives an accessibility rating for every website returned for a search. Similarly, the directory entries also carry an accessibility rating.

We hope that this search engine will eventually become a useful resource to everyone, as accessibility is just an extension to good practice. Therefore these sites should be of interest to everyone who wants to view fast loading, easy to navigate, clearly written websites.

net-guide received the coveted RNIB See it Right award in 2005. Later that year, the value of net-guide was recognised in the House of Commons in an Early Day Motion signed by more than 50 Members of Parliament representing all parties.

net-guide was short-listed for The National Library of the Blind’s Visionary Design Award in 2004 and was BBC Ouch's website of the month in the same year.


net-guide is run on a not for profit basis by internet consultants net-progress as part of their social responsibility programme. However, as net-guide becomes more and more successful, it becomes a greater commitment in terms of cost and resources. If you or your organisation would be interested in partnering net-guide, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

about net-progress

net-progress is a web analytics agency using a holistic approach to add value to a company’s online presence. net-progress specialises in accessibility, quality, presence, web analytics and reputation management in order to deliver measurable improvements to a business.

net-progress has been working in the field of web analytics since 1997, with clients ranging from FTSE100 companies to SMEs.

net-progress were short-listed for the RNIB’s Simply the Best Award in 2005.

In addition to the core web analytics business, net-progress produces regular surveys on various aspects of online performance in a variety of sectors, as well as accepting commissions from trade and consumer publications. Paul Crichton, a director of net-progress, has written a column for the BBC on the internet and accessibility issues.

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